Competition Week 14

The 14th EU-China Competition Week took place in Beijing and Shenzhen from 20-24 March 2017. The session included discussions on priority topics identified with the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Enforcement Agencies (AMEAs). This includes the use of economic tools to assess co-ordinated and unilateral effects in mergers, as well as a discussion of a recent merger reviewed by both the EU and China. There were discussions on the competition scrutiny of the financial services sector and the potential pro- and anti-competitive effects of trade associations, as well as the analytical framework relevant to cases involving vertical restraints and tying and bundling. In addition, there was a session with a wider group of government agencies to discuss the development of China’s new Fair Competition Review Mechanism which aimed to complement the Anti-Monopoly Law by introducing a review system to constrain government activities from unduly influencing market competition. This is an opportunity to share the EU's experiences with integrating competition assessment into government policy making and discuss the rationale and impact of State aid control.